Why hire Total Transitition Team for your Estate Sale?

Having your own estate sale can overwhelm individuals and end up selling items far below market value, or having the price too high and having a lot left over. Also it can be very emotional seeing your loved ones cherished items in someone else’s hands.

You can conduct your own sale, but we have experience with advertising, crowd control, and ability to sell your items at the best price. We advertise on EstateSales.net, EstateSales.com, Craigslist, Facebook, emails to our own contacts.  Plus of course, our estate sale signs (as long as your city allows them).

The next thing to think about is time: Do you and your family want to spend a month setting up a sale? Whereas we can set up and host a sale in one or two weeks. If you are set on conducting the sale yourself, the best thing you could do is to hire us for a consultation to give you the right tips to do the sale.

Upcoming Sales - Milford MI May 13th - 15th

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