About Us

Vicki realized after serving in the home health care field for many years, that there wasn’t anyone assisting families with the transition of their older loved ones. Some families weren’t sure if “mom” could still stay at home, if they needed additional assistance, or could benefit by moving into a community which would assist them with many of their needs. Total Transition Team can help with the whole transition.

Vicki and her team specialize in transitioning people from their existing homes to a more suitable place to meet their needs. They can help sort, pack and move the individual, as well as completely set them up in their new home at their new place. This can include setting up kitchens, hanging clothes, making beds, and even hanging pictures.

The Team can then go back and assess the home and see if there is enough to conduct an estate sale, or perhaps sell some treasured items at resale shops. If people have a home to sell or even a car for those who no longer need them, they can help with that as well.

Vicki and her team have been in business since 2006 and have helped hundreds of families with this necessary and important transition. She would love to talk with you to see how they could serve you and your loved ones in this journey.